Reconstruction of the entrance to the port of Ust-Luga in the Leningrad region will be completed in the autumn of 2017

Reconstruction of the entrance to the port of Ust-Luga in the Leningrad region will be completed in the autumn of 2017, the press service of Rosavtodor said.
After the completion of all works, the last section of the entrance (from 40 to 52 km) to the port of Ust-Luga from the federal highway "Narva" with a total length of 11 km will correspond to the parameters of the II technical category with two lanes.
The access to the port of Ust-Luga was built in stages. In 2014 a traffic junction was put into operation on the Narva highway (km 112) and the section of the entrance to the MTP from 16 to 40 km. In 2015, the site was opened from 0 to 16 km, and the first stage of the work on the section from 40 to 52 km was completed.
"Before construction of this object the road ran through settlements, crossed railway tracks in one level. Implementation of the project will allow to increase significantly transport safety, to increase possibilities of seaport", - the head of department of capital construction subordinated to Rosavtodor of FKU Uprdor "Severo-Zapad" Valery Borisov has noted.
At construction of the route road builders have applied a number of innovative technologies. In particular, the device of a road bed on weak soil for construction of a so-called easy embankment near the bridge through the Kyamishi River. Traditionally builders make replacement of weak soil or carry out the device of pile fields. In this case the easy embankment has been made of polystyrene blocks that has allowed to reduce load of weak soil significantly. The similar technology is applied at construction of the bridge through Volkhov on Murmanskoye Highway in the Leningrad Region.
As the main covering the gravel-mastic asphalt concrete from 85% of crushed stone and high content of polymeric and bituminous knitting was used. Such covering more wearproof is also less subject to formation of a track. Instead of normal concrete water conducting pipes on a section metal corrugated spiralnovity pipes with sections on 11 meters are arranged. Their mounting takes three days whereas installation of normal pipes can be carried out up to two weeks.
On an object the three-dimensional systems of automated management of the construction equipment were also used. It allowed to perform works practically without involvement of drivers of the grader.
After commissioning of this section in fall of 2017 cargo flows of port will receive a convenient and safe output on a network of federal highways that will give new pulse for economic development of the region.
The development of autoapproaches to the port of Ust-Luga for full development will be completed in 2017 - Maxim Sokolov >>>>