Navigation channel

Navigation channel has the length of 4 km, depth of 8.4 meters and width of 60 meters. Vessel draught is 5.4 meters which allows to operate with the vessels up to 5000 tons.

Scheme of the navigation channels

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Berthing front of the Timber Terminal «Factor» consists of three berths with total length of 315 m:

Berth № Length, m Depth, m Comment
3 81 6,5 is leased from the FSUE «Rosmorport» for 49 years
5 116,5 6,5 in the ownership
7 118 2,0 in the ownership

Railway and road connections

The railway communication is carried out through the network of railways in the line of Mga – Gatchina – Veimarn – Luzhskaya – Ust-Luga. JSC «Russian Railways» carries out the reconstruction of the existing railroad tracks and the construction of new parks of Luzhskaya station in order to provide sustainable development and operation of the Ust-Luga Sea Port.

The Terminal has a railway branch. JSC «Russian Railways» is the balance-holder of the railway siding. Timber Terminal «Factor» - the user on the basis of the contract for railcar- that can supply and remove cars on the railways of non-common use by the station of Ust-Luga.

Scheme of the railway connections

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The road connection is carried out through the highway M-11 «Narva».

Scheme of the road connections

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Territory of the Terminal

  • 10 hectares – long-term lease for the periods of 15-49 years

Scheme of Timber Terminal “Factor”

Scheme of Timber Terminal “Factor”: превью